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Who is behind Haarweisheiten?

A long friendship!

We loved to talk about our long-distance trips while we conjured up different hairstyles on Leila's head. This created a friendship that crept into a collaboration. We both decided to stop shampooing our hair independently! We are both full of passion for our project and complement each other 200 percent in what we do.
One moment Leila is the hair and Ute the wisdom, and in the next Leila is the wisdom and Ute is the hair. It flows.
It feels light and at the same time everything is developing at breakneck speed.
Through this exchange it became clear that Ute has the know-how through her many years of natural hairdressing experience. The ball really got rolling because Leila had gained so much personal experience, that served to visually package all the knowledge so that it could be passed on online.

We are very grateful to introduce our heart project to you and look forward to many dream hairstyles.


With heart,

Ute (visionary and natural hair expert) and Leila (visionary and graphic designer)


I am Ute.

As an expert in natural hair, advice with individual solutions is particularly important to me. Above all,

I enjoy being creative and finding with you the optimal path to dream hair.

Write to me if you feel like getting to know a whole new side of your hair.

Haarweisheiten Ute, Expertin für Naturhaar, Beratung Haarweisheiten, Weg zum Traumhaar
Haarweisheiten Leila, Haare waschen ohne Shampoo, natürliche Haarpflege, freies Haar, No Poo Onlinekurse

As a graphic designer, I work remotely from anywhere in the world and enjoy gaining different perspectives, especially through traveling,

in order to shape your vision with you.
Write to me if you feel like visualizing your ideas.

I am Leila.


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