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1. I booked the online course ... and then what?

  • Register with your email address and a password of your choice

  • Hair analysis: Go to Members Area-> Hair Analysis: Answer the questions and upload 1-3 photos on which the hair is clearly visible.

  • After a successful hair analysis, you will receive your individual brush package. In the meantime you can already start looking at the online course with accompanying PDF. During the transition to No-Poo, you have the right to personal support from Ute and the best way to contact her if you have any questions is via Whatsapp/ Signal.


2. Why are the pure boar bristle brushes not available to buy without an online course?

The right brush is decisive for the success of No-Poo.

If our boar bristles were available in the shop, we couldn't guarantee that you have chosen the right brush for you and your hair type.

This is how we want to avoid failure. You can read more about the concept in the blog article.


3. Why is the online course not available without buying the brush set?

You can only be successful with No-Poo with the right tools. Despite the theory and practice that you learn in our course, you absolutely need the right brush to get your dream hair.


4. Are there vegan brushes for No-poo?

There are vegan alternatives. However, our experience has shown that a brush with, for example, sisal bristles does not achieve the desired result.

That is why we only offer our course in conjunction with pure boar bristle brushes. Nevertheless, this is a sustainable, one-time purchase.

If you prefer a used wild boar bristle brush, rather than a new one, please contact us and we will find a solution.


4. Where do the boar bristles come from?

The boar bristles (first cut) come from the highlands in China or India, where the animals develop a very strong coat.

5. How are the wild boars kept?

The animals live wild and are hunted.


6. Where does the wood for the brushes come from?

The finely structured fruit trees and hardwoods for our brushes are sourced from sustainable forestry and regionally.


7. Can go No-poo with any hair type?

Yes. Exceptions confirm the rule, but No-Poo is generally possible with any hair.


8. What can I expect from the hair analysis and what is it necessary for?

During the hair analysis, you can answer a few questions so that we can get an idea of ​​your hair type. 2-3 photos of you and your hair help us a lot. On the basis of the evaluated analysis, we look for individual wild boar bristle brushes that are adapted to your hair type.


9. How long does the brush last?

If you take good care of it, the boar bristle brush will be your lifelong companion.

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