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With the brush with pind 'Struwwelliese' you will bring joy to the hearts of children. No more tugging and tearing and finally fun with the daily brushing routine. By distributing the sebum in the hair, the children's hair is also cared for by brushing. (How to brush your child's hair correctly and gently, and above all painlessly, you will learn in our online course "Intuitive hair - dreamhair without products)'


The combination of wild boar bristles and high-quality nylon pens are perfect for brushing hair in the most gentle way, especially when it is wet, because hair needs to be treated with care. Boar bristles have caring properties. The rounded nylon pins are particularly gentle on the hair and scalp and still help to slide easily through the hair.


The brush body was made of olive wood and manufactured in Germany. This unique hairbrush is your 'must have'. With its elastic air cushion, the pneumatic brush enables particularly gentle contact with the scalp.


Care and shine for your hair. The brush is perfect for the handbag or for the office - an absolute hand flatterer!

The advantages are:

  • Wild boar bristle with pins
  • fine-pored, dense olive wood
  • sanded and waxed to a silky smooth finish
  • made in Germany
  • perfect for the handbag

Wild boar bristle brush 'Struwwelliese' with pins

Sales Tax Included |
    • Size: 175 x 50 mm
    • Wild boar bristle with hedgehog equipment
    • fine-pored, dense olive wood, silky,
    • sanded smooth and waxed
    • made in Germany
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