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Our  "Ludwig" hairdressing comb made of wood is the ideal material for a hair cutting comb. It is not for nothing that "Ludwig" stands for his name "the famous warrior", because wood is naturally stable, elastic and anti-static.   This is how "Ludwig" fights his way through every hair.


The combs are carefully manufactured in 20 work steps with great sensitivity and a technical background. The craftsmanship emphasizes the uniqueness of the wood structure and creates a particularly pleasant feel. The spacing between the tines is decisive for the functionality of the combs. The cutting comb has a coarse-toothed and a fine-toothed side and can therefore be used wonderfully for all hair types for cutting.  It lies nicely in the hand and glides gently through wet as well as dry hair.

"Ludwig" cutting comb

Sales Tax Included |
    • 18 cm long
    • Wood of the service tree from the region
    • coarse-toothed and fine-toothed side
    • made in Germany
    • Sustainable forestry
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