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Soft brush for toddlers.

Children's scalp is still very sensitive and needs particularly gentle care. And this care is particularly important, as children's hair is subject to a lot of stress. Daily brushing becomes a beautiful ritual with this brush. Your child will quickly notice how comfortable the delicate bristles feel on the scalp.

The body of the brush also leaves nothing to be desired. High-quality and oiled pear wood make this children's brush particularly robust and durable. Pear wood is a particularly fine-pored wood with water-repellent properties, which ensures a long service life for the children's hairbrush. In order to give your child the right way of hair care by brushing and rinsing with water right from the start, this brush is so small and handy that your child can brush his hair himself and has fun doing it.

This brush is suitable for children who are still very small and who are just at the transition from the fluff hairs of birth to a more solid structure. If you find it difficult to decide which brush is the right one for your child, please contact us.

Children`s brush 'Emil' with horsehair

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    • Size: 185 x 48 mm
    • Toddler hairbrush horsehair
    • For fine, sensitive toddler hair
    • soft horsehair bristles
    • 5 rows of bristles
    • Fine, fine-pored pear wood, oiled
    • made in Germany
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