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Dream skin without anything.

Pamper your skin with a brush cleaning and a simultaneous peeling effect, without any product - zerowaste. This also saves you the agony of choice when purchasing a product. Your skin is free of any product residues and you are extremely gentle on the environment. For your body and our environment.

Put a smile on your face! This brush for massaging the skin of the face is beneficial and relaxing. At the same time, it cleanses the skin effectively and creates a natural peeling effect. For smooth, radiant skin - feel the difference!

The face brush made of fine olive wood and with pig bristles is suitable for a powerful facial massage of normal skin.

Facial massage brush "Bella" with pure, light natural bristles

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    • Facial brush Olivia
    • Fine-pored, dense olive wood
    • Sanded and waxed to a silky smooth finish
    • Soft pig bristle for normal skin
    • Size: 155 x 48 mm
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