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Dear mommies, dear daddies: take note:

Many babies are born with little or no hair, but taking care of the scalp and the little hair is particularly important. The baby hairbrush made from goat hair is particularly soft, which is gentle on the newborn's scalp, but also gently massages it at the same time.


The little babies usually get used to the gentle daily care ritual, which is usually accompanied by a positive feeling of well-being. The dense trimming of this baby brush made of the finest goat hair is particularly soft and fluffy. At the same time, the gentle brush massage promotes your baby's hair growth.


Goat hair is one of the oldest textiles in the world.

In processed form, goat hair is particularly durable. In addition, goat hair is characterized by dirt-repellent and dust-binding properties.


The special thing about baby brushes made from goat hair is that they are hygroscopic, just like human hair. Hygroscopic means that the hair absorbs water molecules from moist air and, conversely, releases water molecules into dry air. Baby brushes made from goat hair are also particularly ecological. Goat hair is a waste product in leather production or it is shorn from living animals.

Baby brush 'Baby' with pure, soft goat hair

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    • Baby hair brush goat hair pear tree
    • For a pleasant head massage
    • Promotes hair growth 7 rows of the finest goat hair
    • Noble, fine-pored pear wood, oiled
    • Size: 130 x 40 mm
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